2014 Summer Collection



One more year, Natural World Eco presents the spring-summer collection of ecofriendly shoes for men and woman and the youngest of the house.
This time, we propose a collection that focuses on strong and pastel colors that we began to see in the last season. Despite of the weather we can find the model "Bota", and there are also developments in basics like "Inglés" series, "Lazo" and "Náutico". New designs in enzyme and embroidery versions will delight lovers of cool fashion trends .
Let's see the Natural World Eco summer collection:
Men 's collection have a wide variety of colors such as red, yellow, blue, white, green, keeping the softer colors like gray, light brown, worn blue... Among the models we can find the shoes Basket and Inglés, CampingNáutico, Safari, Bota Sport, and unisex Bota Baja and Bota Alta. All these examples have two types of versions: basic and enzymatic.
The collection for women has startling shoes with bright colors such as red, fuchsia, pink, giving attractive to the footwear style and following the latest trends in fashion we have seen in markets and cities. Thus, we have launched the Inglés Elástico model, which, in addition to basic and enzymatic model, also includes embroidered and flowers version, Elástico Central, SalónBota Safari, Basket, Bota Sport, Inglés, Náutico, Camping, Safari, unisex Bota Baja, unisex Bota Alta, all with their basic and enzymatic version.
Finally, the kids collection, where we find more and more variety of models with high quality, functionality and casual style. Among the different models of shoes, we find the Inglés Elástico model in four versions: basic, enzyme, embroidered and flowers, Mercedes basic and flowers version, basic or enzymatic Elástico Central, Salón basic and enzymatic, SafariBota Sport basic and enzymatic version, Bota Baja basic and enzymatic and Bota Alta. As you can see, the child models are similar to the adult models.
We hope people love this collection for their quality, design and ecological and ecofriendly spirit.

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