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Natural World Eco knows perfectly what are the goals as a company, achieving the maximum success always respecting the environment and developing ecofriendly products whose materials are ecofriendly and contributing to the ocean of sustainability.

In addition, another goal we set is helping to others with everything we can do, in our case, providing for example footwear to the most disadvantaged. Something so basic in our society as walking with shoes is almost impossible in other countries like Ethiopia where these situations do not exist.

As every year, Natural World Eco wants to collaborate with non-profit organizations, these initiatives are working so hard for developing those countries. Thus, through NGO Ambessa we have sent footwear to Ethiopia for the children of villages, for children who living without shoes because they do not have that kind of products.

Everything is different from the distance and it could appear so easy to give away shoes and you're done, it is a pride and a great pleasure for Natural World Eco participating in such initiatives without receive congratulations, just watching the images of the children putting on the slippers of the brand, that moment is the best gift we can receive.

Logically, the next year or when it will be appropriate, we will return to participate in this kind of activity, trying to help everyone.

We leave you the link of our Facebook fanpage, you can check the photographic album where we show the moment when the shoes arrive at camp and one of the volunteers of the NGO Ambessa help children to put on the shoes.

Thanks NGO Ambessa for this opportunity.

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Natural World è in prima linea nella difesa dell'ambiente. Il suo spirito ecologico si riflette nel processo di fabbricazione con l'utilizzo di materiali ecologici al 100%: cotone, gomma naturale, cartone riciclato per le scatole, l'assenza di qualsiasi materiale dannoso per la salute e il rifiuto di qualsiasi forma di lavoro minorile.