NWE Fall Winter 2013/2014



As all Natural World Eco family products, the processing guidelines are set by the design and respect for the environment, an equilibrium between two sides looking for an attractive, comfortable, functional and respect with nature during its production process .
For the autumn winter 2013/2014 collection, besides comfort and aesthetics, the most important thing is the cold climate so we have to use isolate materials and maintain a suitable body temperature for this part of the year. The materials are made with the highest quality such as recycled polyester, suede leather and rubber soles. Again, as we saw in the spring summer collection , there are three series: woman, man and child.
Women footwear continues with some last season models and new models too that expand the range of possibilities. Boots with big reinforcements, improved soles to isolate of the cold weather and damp outside, and a new style called "stone wash" which gives an attractive design. The models available are the Bota Suede, Basket Suede, Naútico Indi Suede, Safari Leather, Bota Cuello, Bota Alta, Bota, Safari Stone Wash, Blucher, Bota Carrilera, Bota Sport, Ingles Elastico y Safari. All finished with different chromatic ranges and materials like Cotton, Stone Wash or Suede.
Men footwear continues with some previous models and introduces a new concept of footwear based on the vintage style with an elegant and sporty profile for a casual and chic street style. We can discover: Safari, Bota Sport, Basket, Safari Leather, Naútico Suede, Deportivo Vinage Suede, Deportivo Gentelman Suede, Basket Vintage Suede y Basket Gentelman Suede. Natural World Eco shows, with this menswear collection, his main models and introduce the new vintage concept, that will surely be successful because of its style and design.
Finally, as in the summer collection, we present the fall winter models for children. A complete collection that brings the same features as its big brothers and even some novelty. The shoe models are: Bota Velcro Suede, Safari Cuello Suede, Safari Suede, Bota Cuello Stone Wash, Bota Alta Stone Wash, Bota Stone Wash, Blucher Stone Wash, Safari Stone Wash, Ingles Elastico, Bota Sport y Safari. Colorful and funny lines designed for children .

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Natural World is completely involved in respecting the environment. Its ecological spirit is in line with its manufacturing process as it uses 100% ecological materials: cotton, natural rubber, recycled cardboard for the boxes, we do not use any material detrimental to health and no underaged workforce whatsoever.