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I use NWE beacuse...

In this publication we want to show some reasons why we are fully identified with our brand and the reason we like to use their products, ecofriendly shoes. Of course, you have some ideas in your mind, we will try to translate them into some lines.


Last months, there are numerous appearances of Natural World Eco in different media, mainly digital and fashion bloggers and Spanish celebrities. They are committed to eco-friendly life style and are happy with the products of the firm.

2014 Summer Collection

The new 2014 spring summer collection by Natural World Eco ecofriendly slippers has been launched for adults and kids, colors and fun prints and, as always, with the best comfort, function and aesthetic set by consumers.

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Natural World is completely involved in respecting the environment. Its ecological spirit is in line with its manufacturing process as it uses 100% ecological materials: cotton, natural rubber, recycled cardboard for the boxes, we do not use any material detrimental to health and no underaged workforce whatsoever.