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Last months, there are numerous appearances of Natural World Eco in different media, mainly digital and fashion bloggers and Spanish celebrities. They are committed to eco-friendly life style and are happy with the products of the firm.

2014 Summer Collection

The new 2014 spring summer collection by Natural World Eco ecofriendly slippers has been launched for adults and kids, colors and fun prints and, as always, with the best comfort, function and aesthetic set by consumers.

The Micam and GDS Shoefair

February and March have two important dates for the calendar of footwear: GDS and Micam fairs. Milan and Düsseldorf, respectively, are the cities as the epicenter of fashion during the second and third months of the year.
Natural World Eco, as usual, goes to both events with its own stand continuing the diffusion of their product all around the world.

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Polígono Raposal II - Parc. 36-37
26580 Arnedo (La Rioja) Spain
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Natural World è in prima linea nella difesa dell'ambiente. Il suo spirito ecologico si riflette nel processo di fabbricazione con l'utilizzo di materiali ecologici al 100%: cotone, gomma naturale, cartone riciclato per le scatole, l'assenza di qualsiasi materiale dannoso per la salute e il rifiuto di qualsiasi forma di lavoro minorile.