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The Festival has several extra areas where you can spend your time before, during or after the concerts, including a relaxation area, one for food, or one for shoppingNatural World Eco decided to be a part of this event, and installed a stand at the Fibmarket, as did several other clothes and accessories brands that have something for the young audience in attendance, who are all about the music and the experience.

The ambiance for day one was a bit soft, and the "fibers" started to arrive to the FIB 2012 with only enough time to be at the concerts. From Friday and on, there was a bigger flow of people, and they showed a lot of interest for our Natural World Eco products. It was great when, on the day that Bob Dylan performed, several of his fans, wiser in years than the rest of the regular audience, approached our stand and purchased several of our Natural World Eco products, proving how we were right about knowing the product can clearly adapt to any type of audience.

There was also a lot of interest shown for the ecological production and manufacturing process of our footwear product. We received many compliments and words of support for the product, on how it can be created in a clean and sustainable manner.

This turned out to be a very positive experience, knowing that our product has received such great acceptance.

It was an excellent week to remember!

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Natural World is completely involved in respecting the environment. Its ecological spirit is in line with its manufacturing process as it uses 100% ecological materials: cotton, natural rubber, recycled cardboard for the boxes, we do not use any material detrimental to health and no underaged workforce whatsoever.