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Five years of total and absolute dedication to the world of ecofriendly footwear, with the initial difficulties because of the products need specific machinery and requiring personalized experience, they have led us going to the goals and objectives.

Effort rewarded by the Natural World Eco successes in international markets, the positive reception by the public of our ecofriendly footwear, the good work and the evolution of the company.

The latest recognition comes from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of La Rioja who has given to our company the Internationalization Award 2015. This award is the result of the work we do and gives a boost to continue improving and innovating. It's always nice to recognize your work where you come from, La Rioja.

This is not possible without the presence of a team making up the very essence of Natural World Eco. All the people who are part of the family are indispensable parts of this gear and they are giving us such good news, they are parts of an engine that moving this great business called Natural World Eco.

Of course, we do not forget and we also want to acknowledge the effort and confidence by suppliers, retailers, distributors, representatives, consultants. Thanks to the institutions who believe and are committed to this initiative and, in particular, a lot of thanks to you, those people that wear the Natural World Eco shoes, people who make photographs and diffuse it, people who believe in this ecofriendly philosophy, all of you leaving comments, views, always positive and sometimes not so much allowing us to improve every day.

We continue in our proposal to bring the ecofriendly footwear all over the world transmiting a life style respectful with the environment.

Again, thank you everybody.

(Image via Chamber of Commerce and Industry of La Rioja)

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Natural World respektiert vollständig die Umwelt. Unser Sinn für Umweltfreundlichkeit befindet sich im Einklang mit unserem Herstellungsprozess, da wir zu 100% umweltverträgliche Materialien verwenden: Baumwolle, Naturkautschuk, wiederaufbereiteter Karton für Verpackungen, keinerlei Verwendung von umweltschädlichen Materialien und keine Beschäftigung Minderjähriger.